The OBUG, The Oracle Community is structured as follows:

  • President: Janny Ekelson
  • Executive Vice President Applications/E-Business Suite: Jean-Francois Bloem
  • Executive Vice President Technology: vacant
  • Executive Vice President Finance: Kristel De Boeck
  • Executive Vice President JD Edwards: Heering Ligthart
  • Secretary: Jolanda de Jong

 OBUG has a strong focus on 'Applications' en has three Special Interest Groups (SIG's):

  • E-Business Suite
  • JD Edwards
  • PeopleSoft


At the top of the OBUG, The Oracle Community, the daily board is operating. The daily board is leading the OBUG organization, which further consists of three Special Interest Groups (SIG's). The Special Interest Groups are the heart of the OBUG and are operating under the supervision of the daily board.


SIG's: Applications

The application Special Interest Groups  operate under the management of the Executive Vice President Applications.

The structure is at this moment:

E-Business Suite

  • Bas van Bloois (specialized in Purchase & Logistics)
  • Marten Teule (partner network)
  • Jean-Francois Bloem (responsible on behalf of the board)

JD Edwards

  • Wouter Helsloot (all round JD Edwards)
  • Heering Ligthart (responsible on behalf of the board)


  • William van Son (specialized in Finance)
  • Janny Ekelson (responsible on behalf of the board)
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