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Tuesday 06 February 2018

NetSuite SIG meetings effective

At the beginning of a new calendar year many exchange best (health) wishes. My OBUG heart beats faster than before and the prospect for a healthy and flourishing user community is imminent, as is the current state of the daffodil in mother’s nature. The first NetSuite SIG meetings for the Benelux region are published and will be effectuated soon: the 19th of January in Kontich and the 6th of February in Utrecht. I am keen to meet new and current users of Oracle products, especially those who work with NetSuite. The first publication of a NetSuite user organization, Dynappco, has been fulfilled. Preparations for a larger event, the 14th of June, are underway.

Step into the spotlight!

The outreach to participate and contribute to the community by OBUG’s board has been heard and materialised with NetSuite. Contact with Johan Pintens of Dynappco caused that this colleague spends a lot of energy on the creation of the NetSuite SIG for the Benelux community. And he seems determined to further expand and strengthen the group.

The change in course regarding relevance has been put in motion, the actions and tooling to be picked incisively. This to not only reach a breakthrough but even more important to extend from there. Apart from the NetSuite expansion, OBUG’s board aligned with IOUG, who are prevalent regarding Oracle technology. Sharing information is just part of the alignment goal. Mostly OBUG want to offer a podium for known and unknown talent that will exceed country and region borders. Please contact us when interested in contributing on all aspects of applications and technology. We are ready to give you the spotlight you deserve.

By and parallel to performing duties for the user community the planned as well as unplanned activities for 2018 will enrich me personally; the knife cuts both ways. I hope for and count on more input to expand and enrich the servitude toward the user community.

Gerard Stam, Executive Vice president

Gerard  Stam
Gerard Stam

Besides being a partner, father, family member, friend and professional of and for the municipality of Rotterdam volunteer for the Oracle community, obug in particular. Over thirty years business, IT and Business4IT experience. I firmly believe that every organization that uses IT(services) should unite with co users. Benelux region based, I embody the role as board member from a global Oracle community perspective since 2008. I truly believe that standing still is going backwards. Therefore I have an open mind and don’t shy away from any discussion regarding change and/or progress. The role within obug is voluntary and mainly performed in personal time and without pay. To leverage the most from available time I try to balance contributions via several channels eg. Newsletters, blogs and/or personal meetings.

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