SIG Master Event 2016

Monday 21 November 2016

The proposition “Oracle Community” implies a lively community. Exactly that could be experienced at the first, annual, SIG Master event. The present company existed of the “faces” for the several focus groups within the Benelux region that are related to the Oracle product portfolio. As obvious as “the Oracle community”, the format tor the SIG Master event was crystal clear: a PubQuiz. All core values for any User Group were embedded: inform, connect, support. The atmosphere was quickly in at the prominent locatiion: Fortress St. Gertrudis. The hall the event was in was authentic with modern decoration that complemented each other splendidly. The consious choice was to put in some open questions to provide input for the latest edition to the Community Portal: the Forum module. After four rounds of general, specific and fun questions it was time for the finale. Four contestants proved two couples with an equal score. The tiebreaker was a approximation question. In the end Eric Maas was the narrow winner and call himself SIG Master for a full year. A beautiful, matching trophy is his.


The attendees expressed their ambition to double the number of attendees for the next few editions to come. Sounds like music to the ears of the board: the objective has been picked up and adopted. It was an honour to organise the event with my OBUG co-QuizMeteers. My gratitude to my fellow OBUG boardmembers, whom were unaware of the form and outcome, the partners who made this event possible, the attendees and last but not least grateful to you…the reader. Keep our community alive, share your success, frustrations and questions. Offer a news article, a blog or, active since Nov 17, the Forum

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gerard Stam

Gerard  Stam
Gerard Stam

Besides being a partner, father, family member, friend and professional of and for the municipality of Rotterdam volunteer for the Oracle community, obug in particular. Over thirty years business, IT and Business4IT experience. I firmly believe that every organization that uses IT(services) should unite with co users. Benelux region based, I embody the role as board member from a global Oracle community perspective since 2008. I truly believe that standing still is going backwards. Therefore I have an open mind and don’t shy away from any discussion regarding change and/or progress. The role within obug is voluntary and mainly performed in personal time and without pay. To leverage the most from available time I try to balance contributions via several channels eg. Newsletters, blogs and/or personal meetings.

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