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We look back on yet another successful appsconnected event thanks to so many visitors, fascinating keynotes and exciting discussion panels. We have reached our goal to connect people, business, information and robotica and inspire Oracle experts everywhere to explore the possibilities for transformation and innovation. During this event we discovered the value of Oracle’s E-Business Suite with Oracle Cloud, got an update on the advantages of today’s PeopleSoft and saw why JD Edwards can be considered the heart of a truly digital business. Many thanks to all our contributors and a special thank you to all our sponsors.

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You can now watch highlights of the event, including interviews with a few of our keynote speakers in the official after movie of appsconnected 2018.

Hope to see you next year!

Our speakers

From left to right:

Lionel Dubreuil (Oracle PaaS/IaaS) | Marc Weintraub (Oracle PeopleSoft) | Cliff Godwin (Oracle EBS) | Nadia Bendjedou (Oracle EBS) | Dawn Baker (Oracle JDE)

Programme appsconnected 2018
8.30 9.30 Registration and refreshments
9.30 9.45 Opening and welcome
9.45 10.15 Moderated speakers panel
with Oracle keynotes
10.15 10.30 Walking in expositionroom
with robot Peppert
10.30 11.30 Breakout I
11.35 12.20 Breakout II
12.20 13.30 Lunch
13.30 14.20 Apps Unlimited has a face! What’s your question?
(moderated panel discussion)
14.30 15.15 Breakout III
15.15 15.30 Refreshment break
15.30 16.15 Breakout IV
16.15 16.30 Wrap up and closure
16.30 17.30 Networking drinks
Breakout 1

10:30 - 11:30

Oracle E-Business Suite: Update, Strategy and Roadmap - Cliff Godwin (Oracle)

As a current Oracle E-Business Suite customer, you want the confidence that your choice of integrated, global business applications will continue to enable your organization to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. In this session, hear from Oracle E-Business Suite General Manager Cliff Godwin as he delivers an update on the Oracle E-Business Suite product line. Cliff will also discuss the benefits you can expect to receive from both cloud and on-premises E-Business Suite investments. You will come away with an understanding of the value Oracle E-Business Suite applications deliver now and in the future. 

PeopleSoft Product Line Update and ongoing Investment Strategy - Marc Weintraub (Oracle)

In this session hear from Marc Weintraub, Oracle Vice President about the latest capabilities you can take advantage of in today's PeopleSoft. Discover how Oracle's continued investment in PeopleSoft can benefit your organization. Experience new features delivered via Continuous Innovation that can positively impact end user experiences, accelerate business processes, and enable low cost, agile operations. Learn more about PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud (IaaS/PaaS) and the value it is bringing to customers. Understand what's driving the ongoing investment in PeopleSoft, the PeopleSoft roadmap, and how Oracle’s cloud investment relate to PeopleSoft customers. Walk away from this session knowing that today's PeopleSoft continues to be intuitive, powerful, and on the cloud.

JD Edwards Roadmap - Dawn Baker (Oracle)

Digital technologies create connected, agile and real-time businesses. JD Edwards ERP enables this innovation by being the heart of a truly digital business, maximizing your market opportunities, creating exceptional customer experiences, and gaining improved operational efficiency. JD Edwards delivers solutions that facilitate the seamless digitization of information - from the end user interaction, to machine to machine communications, to cloud based solutions – all with an emphasis on operational simplification to efficiently run your business. Join us to explore how JD Edwards empowers your organization to thrive in the business reality of a digital economy.

Oracle Cloud PaaS & IaaS Strategy - Lionel Dubreuil (Oracle)

As the pace of cloud adoption accelerates, enterprises must leverage and modernize current IT investments and simultaneously innovate for the future. Join this sessien to see new capabilities of Oracle PaaS & IaaS:

Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) is a comprehensive, standards-based combination of Oracle and open source technologies to enable you to more efficiently build, deploy, integrate, secure and manage all your enterprise applications. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Oracle provides autonomous PaaS solutions that are self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing, helping you innovate faster, make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Oracle set an ambitious goal in building its second-generation cloud infrastructure (IaaS): to create an infrastructure that matches and surpasses the performance, control and governance of enterprise datacenters, while delivering the scale, elasticity, and cost-savings of public clouds. The result, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is built from the ground up to be and Enterprise Cloud, equally capable of running traditional multi-tiered enterprise applications, high-performance workloads and modern serverless and container-based architectures.

NetSuite Update: Roadmap into Cloud
Breakout 2

11:35 - 12:20

Running your E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Why, What & How? - Nadia Bendjedou (Oracle)
Oracle E-Business Suite is a powerful, complete suite of applications that can deliver tremendous value to organisations around the world. That value can be greatly extended when coupling it with Oracle Cloud offerings delivered by Oracle Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The purpose of this session is to understand the value proposition, the solutions offered and the use cases for Oracle E-Business Suite customers to deploy their environments on Oracle Cloud (IaaS and PaaS).


PUM strategy PeopleSoft Finance @ CZ - William van Son (CZ) - Dutch spoken

PUM Strategy PeopleSoft Finance @ CZ

With deep dive in use of Fluid approvals and use of cashmanagement (CM).

Our journey to a HR Hybrid Cloud - UZ Leuven (Leo Denissen)

For the past 20 years, The HR environment of UZ Leuven is heavily relying on a fully customized PeopleSoft system.
Five years ago we started thinking about a new strategy and today we have a recruit and learn cloud solution live.
This presentation gives some insights in our adventures and struggles with the ‘move to the cloud’.


JD Edwards meet the experts
Our Journey in the Oracle ERP Cloud – Koen Janssens and Kim Vanoppré (KPMG)

KPMG Belgium was using the Oracle E-Business Suite as back-office application for their Professional Services business. They decided not to upgrade to the latest release of the Oracle E-Business Suite and to migrate to the Oracle ERP Cloud. Koen Janssens, CFO of KPMG Belgium and Kim Vanoppré, Application Manager will share their lessons learned and experiences from their Journey towards and life in the Oracle Cloud.

How our finance stack supports Bynder’s rapid, global growth - Pascal Friederichs (Bynder)

Bynder’s story begins at a kitchen table where three entrepreneurial spirits were sharing ideas over Dutch cuisine. Influenced by their customers’ needs, Chris, Roland and Stefan were about to create something big. Fast forward to 2013 and Bynder was born, now serving more than 1.3k client brands and 500k users globally. In this session, Bynder’s Head of Procurement, Pascal Friederichs, will share his story on their journey and how Bynder evolved their Financial landscape to support their rapid growth and be prepared for the future.

Case study on user interface and cross application integration - Lucas Jellema (AMIS)

Its hard to provide users with an optimal UI for their task - with data from one or more standard applications or SaaS products?

To allow them to work in quick, focused, performant and pleasing way that does not require them to get access to, training on and licenses for all products involved? As it happens - no. That is not very hard to achieve, as this case study will demonstrate. A tailor made user interface was developed in modern web client technology on top of a custom developed set of APIs that expose data from several applications according to the proper authorization rules - and allow users to manipulate specific attributes over the course of performing their tasks. This session explains how you could achieve enhanced business value.

Breakout 3

14:30 - 15:15

If you think VAT compliance abroad is simple, do not listen to us... - Laurens Voogt (4apps group)

During the presentation Laurens Voogt will update you about the measures to reduce the so-called VAT gap and what it means to EBS users. The EU countries do have a VAT gap which totals € 151 Billion in 2015. This is some 12% of the total VAT amount due. The gap is caused by fraud, administrative mistakes, etc. More than enough reasons to close the gap. So EU countries like Poland, Romania, Spain, etc. are demanding additional reporting, they may require split payment and they want the reports digitally. In many cases reporting (audit files) is based on the SAF-T format. 4apps group is even participating in discussions at Government level about how European-wide audit reporting (SAF-EU) can be accomplished.

So if you have business across borders as an EBS user you will have to deal with lots of (changing) regulations. For the majority of international EBS users keeping pace with all new requirements and assuring compliance is not just a task for Tax managers. Finance people, Excel guru's, System managers, even DBA's get involved in making sure your organisation is not at risk with regard to Tax declarations and Audit files.

One example: for SII in Spain EBS users had to adopt the latest Oracle patches and localisations, combine these with their own efforts and transfer the audit files (SII) via a 3rd party broker. It's a lot of links in a chain in order to be compliant. Surely if you realise you have to send in audit files within 4 days. And now the Tax Authorities are changing the XML format.

Why all this effort when you have the EBS? The first reason: the solutions provided by Oracle are basic and in most case require lots of patches to install. Secondly you need to be an expert in Tax- and Audit reporting and compliance, have in-depth knowledge of the EBS and thirdly you need have the IT experience to integrate with Tax Authorities. Not just in one country, but for all of Europe and beyond.

About Laurens Voogt and 4apps: Laurens is the principal expert in VAT reporting and compliance at 4apps group. Founded in 2001, 4apps is one of the largest and most experienced Oracle E-Business Suite specialist in the Netherlands and an Oracle Gold partner. itax4apps is The VAT reporting and audit solution for EBS users.

Target audience: Application Controllers, Information Managers, DBA's, Tax managers, Controllers, F&A managers, etc.

Presentation goals:

1. Update the audience about present and future changes in VAT in Europe and what it means for the organisation

2. Create awareness that the digitisation of VAT audit files and the integration with Tax Authorities will force EBS users to take action.

PeopleSoft Finance Strategy - Madhavi Makkapati (Oracle)
PeopleSoft HCM strategy (Paul Smit, Oracle)
Autonomous ERP - Dawn Baker (JD Edwards)

ERP systems have evolved significantly over the years – from the initial goal of being the system of record for financial transactions, ERP has grown to become the digital backbone of your business – digitizing your business processes, creating efficiencies in your operations, enabling you to leverage information to look for insights and enable timely decision making. However this journey is far from complete – the next era of ERP-led automation is coming to the back office.  Technologies including Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Chatbot’s, and ERP systems with embedded Artificial Intelligence are shaping this future.  Come to this session to learn about our autonomous future and join in on this exciting journey.

Oracle PaaS for Oracle Applications - Lionel Dubreuil (Oracle)

Oracle Cloud Platform provides low-cost, rapid integration across Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-premises applications with the most complete set of PaaS solutions for connecting, extending, securing and mobilizing your applications.

Only Oracle provides a modern platform with the richest set of capabilities including out-of-the-box integration adapters, rich data analytics, a comprehensive SOC and low-code development tools, to enable business users to build functionality themselves.

In this session, you'll learn how to Connect & Extend your Oracle Applications, whatever your applications run on-prem or/and in the cloud using Oracle PaaS services such as Integration Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, Management Cloud Service... with a specific focus on real customer examples.

TrueGEN - Implementing a fullscale ERP with a 30 day budget - Sofie Prosperi (TrueGEN)

TrueGEN is a dynamic company specialised in IT Network Security. The speaker will explain why the growth and strategy of the company mandated the need for a new BusinessApplication platform and the decision criteria that led to the selection of the cloud-based NetSuite solution. Also the approach to ensure that TrueGEN could manage a succesfull implementation with only a 30 day consulting budget will be presented. Finally, lessons learned and current observations will be shared

From concept to center of excellence - Christian van Geel and Geert Craane

Robotic Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape the finance function. Knowing what to automate and managing the disruption can lead to a new era of productivity and performance.

But where to start? And how to create a center of excellence so that your organization is ready for the future?

In this breakout session we will take you into that journey and we will give you our vision on how to create that center of excellence! Besides that a live demonstration will be done on how to build a robot in 15 minutes. The beginning of the journey to succes.

Breakout 4

15:30 - 16:15

Q&A session EBS (Cliff Godwin, Nadia Bendjedou)
Tough questions for PeopleSoft (Marc Weintraub, William van Son)

In this session Marc Weintraub, Oracle Vice President for PeopleSoft, is on the hot seat!

William van Son, SIG Leader Finance PeopleSoft, will be asking the tough questions about PeopleSoft that you want to have answered. Questions like "Why is PeopleSoft still a viable solution?", "How can I believe in Oracle's commitment to PeopleSoft?" and "Should I be considering Oracle Cloud Applications'".

Questions covering the top-of-mind issues that PeopleSoft customers grapple with as they navigate in today's enterprise applications landscape. You don't want to miss it!

If you have questions for Marc, mail to:

- Localisations Update - Hein Wagenaar (Oracle)

Provide a legislation update focusing on eInvoicing, eAuditing and payments trends in Europe.


DSI for Oracle Supply Chain Mobile Automation - Chris Lea (DSI) & Fred Leroy (On Semiconductor)

Demand for inventory visibility throughout end-to-end supply chains is growing rapidly. This presentation by Fred Leroy, Operations Manager at On Semiconductor Belgium, and Chris Lea, Senior EMEA Consultant at Oracle Platinum Partner DSI, shows how customers of Oracle EBS, JDE & JDE World can benefit from agile and mobile-first DSI supply chain and inventory applications while harnessing the power of a mobile development platform to build out mobile solutions for the ERP and beyond. This presentation will focus on On Semiconductor’s process, reasons for choosing this Oracle certified platform, and how this successful deployment has benefitted their business and continues to provide agile innovation across the On Semiconductor business.

SuiteApps, SuiteSolutions - Stephan van Rooijen en Marcel van Es (Cadran)
AI/Robotica - Nathalie van Helvoort & Bennet Nelson (Municipality Rotterdam), Monique van der Linde (Opinar)

‘Strive for a successful implementation and do not accept an acceptabel implementation.’

That is the aim of Monique van der Linde, owner of Opinar. For most organisations applying robot technology is a new development. When it comes to using new technology, relevant issues for a sustainable imbedding can be overlooked. Just because you do not have the knowledge yet.

With case experience in implementing social robots, a background in implementing software systems and a practical approach Monique supports organisations that want to use robot technology in a succesful way: ‘Optimal use of a robot by a qualified user that feels comfortable using it.’

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