Webinar - Virtualizing Databases: doing IT right

12-05-2020 16:00


Date: May 12, 2020 - 16.00 pm

By Dean Bolton/Michael Corey (LicenseFortress)

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Webinar - Virtualizing Databases: doing IT right
Virtualizing Databases: doing IT right


VMware vSphere has made a lot of changes to enhance the performance of big complex virtual machines (VMs). Databases, by their very nature, are resource hogs. When Databases are not virtualized properly, they will never perform well and can negatively impact the performance of other VMs on the hosts. In this presentation, we will teach you how to virtualize databases/Monster VMs with vSphere properly. Both Oracle and Microsoft specifics will be discussed. Oracle licensing, installation issues, and how to architect for performance in VMware will be covered. Next to vSphere specifics, including the storage layer, the processor, memory considerations, and the network layer. Topics will also include NUMA, memory reservations, and how to avoid common mistakes. These lessons will help you obtain optimal performance for your most complex workloads.


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