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How to get the best deal when negotiating your Oracle licensing agreements

Maandag 11 Mei 2020

In an environment where cost optimisation is a constant goal and need for IT Professionals, the costs for Oracle software are often seen as a necessary expense which cannot be reduced due to business-critical nature of the software. Costs related to Oracle software, currently centre around 3 main areas: the purchasing of new software (CAPEX), paying for maintenance (OPEX) and Oracle latest «gift» called Java.

However there are opportunities to optimise these costs, very often unknown to the general public. Insight's Oracle licensing team has put together a set of tips and tricks aimed at helping clients understand the cost optimisation opportunities linked to each of these cost incurring areas. During our Webinar our experts will lift the veil on:

  • How to negotiate 'good' deals with Oracle, especially in May, the best time of the year to negotiate with this vendor.
  • Achieve maximum cost savings where possible
  • Ensure sound contractual conditions in line with an organisation's strategy and business requirements.
  • Identifying support cost optimization opportunities
  • Understanding what's the impact of the Java changes 
  • Ensure you only pay for what you need when licensing Java? 


Razvan Tarnovschi

EMEA Executive Licensing Consultant Oracle, Insight

Fortunato Mallamace

EMEA Oracle Practice Manager, Insight

Nele Matthys

EMEA Executive Licensing Consultant Oracle, Insight

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